Barbara Gris


Sorbonne Université
Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
Room 15-16 305
4 Place Jussieu
75005, Paris

Welcome to my web page !

I am currently a contract researcher at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions; Sorbonne University (Pierre-et-Marie-Curie), Paris. I am interested in shape analysis and image processing, more particularly in models for large deformations and their applications to computational anatomy.
Here are a detailed CV and my ResearchGate profile.

In November 2017 I received a CNRS-Momentum grant for a project named "A constrained morphometric approach to study the evolution of living organisms".

[5] Incorporation of a deformation prior in image reconstruction , Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 10.1007/s10851-018-0868-z (2019).

[4] A New Variational Model for Joint Image Reconstruction and Motion Estimation in Spatiotemporal Imaging , with O. Öktem and C. Chen (2018).

[3] Image reconstruction through metamorphosis , with O. Öktem and C. Chen (2018).

[2] A sub-Riemannian modular framework for diffeomorphism based analysis of shape ensembles, with S. Durrleman and A. Trouvé, SIAM Journal of Imaging Sciences, 10.1137/16M1076733 (2018).

[1] A sub-Riemannian modular approach for diffeomorphic deformations, with S. Durrleman and A. Trouvé, conference paper. I presented this work (video of the presentation) at the Conference on Geometric Science of Information (2015).

Modular approach on shape spaces, sub-Riemannian geometry and computational anatomy
ENS Cachan (2016), under the supervisions of S. Durrleman and A. Trouvé.

From 2013 to 2016 I taught :